Positive trends in the UK economy boosting property sales

The UK’s sought-after housing market is experiencing a surge in activity, fuelled by growing buyer confidence in the UK economy owing to a decline in inflationary pressures. This increase in buyer activity is the pent-up demand from homebuyers who are now moving forward with plans they had previously postponed due to last year’s economic uncertainties. …

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The UK property market is set to pick up pace ahead of a busy Spring season

Inflation in the UK fell further, dropping to 3.2% in March this year and continued its steady drop from when it peaked in late 2022 at 11.1%. This news was welcomed by overseas investors looking to invest in the country’s robust property market. Although the figure was higher than some experts had predicted, the Bank …

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Investor confidence continues to rise in the UK property market

Steady interest rates for the last six months have boosted the confidence of local and overseas investors in UK properties who view market stability as a good reason to invest. With better mortgage deals at lower interest rates, we are seeing an uptick in buyer enquiries, with more offers floated and an overall increase in …

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More positive outlook for the London property market in 2024

Investors or buyers in Singapore who are eyeing property investments in the UK should know that the London property market now presents a landscape of some major indicators. Halifax reported that house price increases in January were the highest for a year, thanks to mortgage rates continuing to ease. This clearly states that a typical …

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Positive outlook for the London property market in 2024

There’s no doubt that 2023 was a turbulent year for the property market, so positive house price growth in December has been welcome news. Investors or buyers in Singapore who are eyeing investments in UK property in 2024 should know that the London property market in 2024 now presents a landscape of some major indicators. …

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UK’s hottest regeneration area

When a city is redeveloped, it can bring many benefits. For example, new businesses and homes can be created, making the area more vibrant and exciting. In fact, some areas in the UK are experiencing a lot of redevelopments, you should definitely know which of the UK’s hottest regeneration areas are the best to invest in.

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Explore London again: best places to invest

London remains one of the top investment destinations for Singaporeans. If you’re interested in investing in London property you should why it’s a great place to invest.

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Step by step – Invest in UK property

Interested in UK Property Investment? If you’re a Singaporean or international investor, here’s what you need to know step by step guide to invest in UK property.

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Top London investment location for growth: Opportunity in Hendon

Identified as one of the top London property hotspots, Hendon is a well-established area with great potential for growth opportunities. Read more to find out why this Zone 3 location is receiving attention from investors.

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Exclusive Singapore pre-launch: Pazola, Andermatt

Benham & Reeves has invited our VIP clients for an exclusive preview of Pazola at Preludio restaurant. Andermatt Swiss Alps is a picturesque village popular with holidaymakers and appeals to discerning investors with an attractive alpine property investment opportunity.

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