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Waterhouse Gardens: A thriving new community in Manchester

Imagine waking up in an apartment in the heart of Manchester, surrounded by history and modernity. A place where you can enjoy a peaceful oasis in the city or take advantage of the vibrant nightlife and cultural scene. This is Waterhouse Gardens – a thriving new community reimagining the city’s past.

Waterhouse Gardens, a tribute to the visionary Victorian architect Alfred Waterhouse, represents a landmark in modern urban development. Spearheaded by the esteemed U.K. developer Salboy, this project epitomises the fusion of history and innovation in NN15. 

Waterhouse Garden in Manchester
Waterhouse Garden in Manchester
Waterhouse Garden in Manchester
Waterhouse Garden in Manchester
Waterhouse Garden in Manchester
Waterhouse Garden in Manchester
Waterhouse Garden in Manchester
Waterhouse Garden in Manchester
Waterhouse Garden in Manchester
Waterhouse Garden in Manchester

Situated in the heart of Manchester, Salboy’s Waterhouse Gardens seamlessly connects the thriving Greengate and N.O.M.A. neighbourhoods with the enchanting Medieval Quarter. This mixed-use development encompasses 556 high-spec apartments, duplexes and penthouses, complemented by a private clubhouse offering premium amenities to residents.

Nestled alongside Manchester College’s new city campus, this development is part of a £195 million regeneration project and transforming the former Boddingtons Brewery site into a new community. Waterhouse Gardens features 30,000 square feet of commercial space and serves as a haven for boutique traders, independent eateries, bars and office spaces. 

Join us as we explore how Waterhouse Gardens shapes Manchester’s tomorrow, one brick at a time.

History and location:

Alfred Waterhouse, a luminary of Victorian architecture, left an indelible mark on Manchester with his iconic designs, including the Town Hall and the Natural History Museum. 

Waterhouse’s legacy is most prominently associated with the iconic red brick university buildings he developed in cities across the U.K. His work can also be found in Manchester, where he designed the Boddingtons Brewery, a historic landmark that operated for over 200 years. Today, Boddingtons Brewery’s former site is transformed into a new Waterhouse Gardens community. 

The red brick buildings in Waterhouse Gardens are inspired by Waterhouse’s love for terracotta and his dedication to the Victorian Gothic Revival style. Each building bears the name of a local waterway, connecting the development to its historical lineage. The interior designs and landscaping draw inspiration from the site’s brewery past — creating a unique blend of history and modernity.

The Waterhouse Gardens development is in the northern part of Central Manchester, close to the city’s major transportation hubs. It is also within walking distance of Manchester’s famous attractions, like the Town Hall, the Natural History Museum and the Arndale Centre.

Amenities and features:

Residents of Waterhouse Gardens benefit from luxurious on-site amenities provided by the Waterhouse Club. These include swimming pools, squash and basketball courts, lounges, games rooms, private dining areas and workspaces.

Movie nights take on a new level of sophistication in the state-of-the-art cinema room. The meeting rooms and workspaces provide a productive atmosphere for business meetings or personal projects.

The private landscaped garden, a serene green escape, is perfect for residents to reconnect with nature or soak up the sun. Waterhouse Gardens’ comprehensive range of amenities caters to diverse residents’ lifestyles, ensuring they enjoy every aspect of their city-central lifestyle.

Transportation and accessibility:

Effortless Mobility and Connectivity: Your Guide to Waterhouse Gardens

Situated within the coveted M3 postcode, Waterhouse Gardens effortlessly links two thriving neighbourhoods, N.O.M.A. and Greengate, in the heart of Manchester. Residents have some of the city’s renowned destinations just a stroll away. Arndale and Printworks, pulsating with life and excitement, are within a 10-minute walk, ensuring that shopping, dining and entertainment are always within reach.

Manchester Victoria Train & Metro Station are a seven-minute walk, providing commuters convenient links to Manchester’s extensive public transport network. For students, a short cycle ride brings them to the renowned University of Manchester, while Manchester College is a five-minute walk. 

Here’s a summary of the distances:

– A mere 5-minute walk to Manchester College

– Just a 2-minute stroll to the A.O. Arena

– A leisurely 7-minute walk to Victoria Station

– A 9-minute cycle ride to the prestigious University of Manchester

– A swift 25-minute drive to Manchester Airport


Starting at £257,000, Waterhouse Gardens offers overseas and domestic homeowners an accessible entry point into luxurious city-centre living. This competitive pricing, along with potential appreciation in property value, is an excellent investment opportunity for a wide range of individuals — from first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors.

As the property market in Manchester continues to show promising growth, now is a golden chance for buyers to own a piece of Manchester’s history and future.

Salboy: Building Manchester’s future

Salboy is a property development firm that is committed to excellence and sustainability. Being one of the U.K.’s leading property developers, they believe in taking a long-term, sustainable approach to development. Salboy views themselves as stewards of the environment and the communities they help create. This perspective translates into eco-friendly designs, green spaces and eco-friendly features that benefit residents and the planet.

Manchester: A thriving city

Manchester, the U.K.’s second city, is a thriving metropolis with a rich history and culture. The city has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, thanks to major regeneration projects that have rejuvenated its landscape and created new opportunities for residents and businesses.

The housing market in Manchester is characterised by unprecedented growth, with demand consistently outstripping supply. This makes it a prime investment opportunity, as property values are projected to rise significantly in the coming years.

●  Between 2023 and 2027, sales price growth in Manchester is expected to soar by an impressive 19.3%

●  The rental market is also exceptionally robust, with a forecasted 21.6% increase in rental values over the next five years

●  Young professionals are drawn to the city’s vibrant atmosphere and ample career prospects, further boosting the demand for rental properties

●  Looking ahead, energy-efficient new-build properties in Manchester’s city centre are poised to be particularly popular among renters seeking to minimise their energy costs. This trend is expected to drive demand for modern, eco-conscious urban rental properties and bolster rental price growth

Manchester further hosts the second-largest operational build-to-rent market in the U.K., featuring numerous completed homes across various schemes. This burgeoning sector helps meet the increasing demand for rental housing and contributes to the city’s overall appeal.

The combination of a strong economy, vibrant culture and attractive investment opportunities make Manchester a desirable place to live, work and invest.

Waterhouse Gardens – Where modern living meets timeless heritage

In the heart of Manchester, Waterhouse Gardens stands as a testament to the city’s rich history and promising future. Alfred Waterhouse’s legacy is not just celebrated here; it’s woven into the very fabric of this dynamic development. From its strategic location connecting N.O.M.A. and Greengate neighbourhoods to its revival of the historic Boddington Brewery site, Waterhouse Gardens is an ode to Manchester’s growth and resilience.

For those seeking to be part of this remarkable journey, the first phase of Waterhouse Gardens awaits your exploration. Join us

First phase launch in Singapore

Date: 23-24 Sep 2023, 11am-6pm

Venue: The Great Room – 328 North Bridge Road,

#02-20 Raffles Hotel Arcade, Singapore 188719

Discover your investment’s future at Waterhouse Gardens — a place where heritage meets modernity and the spirit of Manchester thrives.


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